Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Are you in a Cross-Cultural Relationship? What can Couples Counseling Do? 

Thinking about moving to the Next Step with your Partner? Getting Married? Thinking about Breaking up or Divorce? 

Counseling can help you explore and understand values and beliefs of you and your partner. With your counselor, you will gain perceptions and relationship preferences. These exploration and understanding will help you break unpleasant communication patterns between you and your partner. Many couples use couple counseling for smooth transitions and maintenance of your romantic relationship when their relationships are going well. 

Cross-Cultural Couples Counseling
~by Focusing on Communication Conflicts and Multicultural Issues

Are you in a mixed-cultural or cross-cultural relationship/marriage? Facing cultural gaps or communication challenges with your partner? Unnecessary arguments? Family issues?
Subtle miscommunication can cause gaps and distance from your partner especially when you and your partner have different cultural backgrounds. We often have our unique and familiar communication styles influenced by our values, beliefs, and how we were raised. When you and/or your partner speak multiple languages, relationships can be even more complicated because communication is not a simple interpretation. Talking to professionals who are well-trained in communication and multicultural issues will help you break the unpleasant conflict patterns and communication traps.

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